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General questions

Yes, with an online account you can arrange a service visit, find out what’s happening with your appoint-ment, submit a meter reading and book an engineer. 

Yes. Call and ask for more information and house loan details.

After signing the real estate agency contract, we will photograph your property and post it on our website.

By reducing the amount of capital owed, early repayment makes it possible to reduce the interest payable on the loan, in turn reducing the amount of monthly installments or shortening the term of the mortgage loan.

No permanent visa is possible, however, the bank’s requirements are strict.

1- Intermediate and/or native Japanese language level;

2- More than 3 years working in the same company and with annual income above 4 million;

3- Must be an effective employee;

4- Spouse must have Japanese nationality and/or permanent visa;

* Among other conditions.


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